Sunday, August 17, 2008

Noosa River Birding - August

A couple of days ago I was down at the Noosa river again to do another survey of the birds on the sandbanks. (See previous posts June 8 and July 19). Once again it was a perfect day and enjoyable just to be out on the river.

There were the usual large numbers of Crested Terns on the sandbanks, and coming and going from the open ocean.

We did not see the Beach Stone-curlews this time. However, it was not a very high tide and there were lots of sand banks exposed even on the high tide so they could have been anywhere.

There were still lots of Double-banded Plovers – most in close to full breeding plumage.

I got good views of Bar-tailed Godwits with some interesting feather moult occurring.

There were lots of Red-capped Plovers and I got good close views of a male and a female.

The highlight of the day was finding a Pied Oystercatcher nesting. I had been walking along the edge of the sandbank that council closed from October to March when a Pied Oystercatcher flew up from the grass just in front of me. I stopped and looked at the area it had come from and there was the nest just in front of me. I did not go closer but took several photos at full zoom on the camera. Then I backed off a good way and watched. Pretty soon the adult came back but watched me very suspiciously as it walked slowly back to where the nest was. We have asked the Ranger, who also helps with the survey, to keep a watch out for the birds. There are so many raptors patrolling the river that there is no guarantee that the eggs will even hatch – let alone that the adults will successfully raise young – but we hope so!


  1. Some great birds there. Love the Red-capped Plover photos!

  2. Thanks Mosura. They are always fun to watch.

  3. Fingers crossed for the oyster catchers!

  4. Thanks Duncan. Apparently the breeding success is not high in some places up here. No wonder really when you see the amount of human disturbance at and above the high tide mark.

  5. Great bird photos, I checked them out to the bottom of the page.