Monday, September 17, 2018

Australian Magpie

Magpies are not uncommon in Aussies backyards but I have not had any in my yard since I moved up here nearly 15 years ago. However, not everyone likes these birds in their yard. They often become very aggressive during the breeding season and they are big birds with big strong beaks. This is the bird that has recently been visiting my yard - I think it is a male.

 More often it sees me coming with the camera and  takes off. I am hoping that it will get more used to me as time goes on.
 In my opinion these are some of the smartest birds around! I came to this opinion some years ago when living in New South Wales. My house was next door to my parent's house but about 300 meters down the hill. There were magpies nesting in a big tree behind their house. We found out later that some teens who lived close by had made a habit of throwing stones at the birds and their nest. I think this was what had initially made these birds so very aggressive. But not to Mum! She gardened close under their nest and when she saw the birds she talked softly to them.  They used to come to her back door and 'warble' to her until she came out with some crumbs. But not me!! I had only to open my door to walk up to her house and they would aggressively swoop down and threaten to  attack me. My solution was to borrow Mums floppy blue hat that she always wore out in the yard. It worked As long as I had her blue hat on my head those birds ignored me. Smart birds!!   Hopefully the one now visiting my yard will get as friendly as Mum's birds became.                             

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  1. That is such a funny story! I loved hearing it. Aren't magpies the same family as crows? Those birds are smart as well -- I've read about people making pets of them. But I much more like the way your mother did -- making friends, but leaving them wild and free. I bet your magpie will become friends with you too! (though maybe you should get an identifying big blue hat!)

  2. Fun story about these smart birds.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Mick. Yes, I too have experienced some aggressive Magpies - I remember at primary school age having to walk across an oval to the train station with a solid school case on my head! However, I really SO enjoy hearing these birds warble!

  4. Haha I can just imagine what your friends said arriving to find you in a floppy blue hat! What a great story :)
    Wren x

  5. Beautiful magpie photos and love the story to go with them ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  6. That's a great story. I hope you become friends.

  7. The only magpies I've ever heard about have been quite aggressive ones that go for people, but I think that's if they have a nest nearby.

  8. bird with black and white color looks great.
    Happy October