Tuesday, August 28, 2018

More Queensland Winter Weather

After showing some frosty photos last time I decided I should show more of what I like to think is more typical winter weather. Although we do occasionally get some frosts we also have lovely sunny blue days. The temps this week are all up in the mid twenties C. I got in the car and drove around to Tin Can Bay amd started at Norman point. Most visitors start here.
Next stop was Crab Creek. There are a lot of boats at permanent anchor just down the bay from here so there are also numbers of small boats along the shore which are used to get out to the larger boats.
As well this is a popular place to launch "tinnies" for fishing for a few hours. I saw a fellow using a small kayak to get out fishing and another fellow take these two little pets out to his boat. They looked pleased to be there!
Mullens was my final stop.  This is where I most often started my kayaking trips.  This morning there were several boats at anchor - which would end up sitting the sand as the tide went out.
One of my favorite views from here. There is a shorebird roost on the other side of the mangroves and I always feel rather frustrated when I am not on the water going over to watch whatever birds may be there.
I could hear lots of small birds up in the trees and there were a number of trees in blossom.
The only bird that came down and sat still for long enogh to get a photo was this Wecome Swallow.

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  1. Spring looks wonderful in your part of Australia!

  2. Those Jack Russells llok like they can't wait to get started on the boat trip.

  3. I instantly recognized the word tinnies when I read it, same as what we call them here too.

  4. Now this is the kind of winter I could live with! Beautiful blues and you know i love the water shots -- I know what you mean about the frustration of not being able to get in close to the shorebird roost areas (those pics look so much like Florida)... it's frustrating to me when we're in our boat which can't get in close enough. And I have never really kayaked, so I know that you are doubly frustrated since you used to do that. Such beautiful pictures -- and it makes me miss Florida which is more like this.