Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Winter in Queensland

I think I have been reading too many posts about gardens and flowers and fresh veges up in the northern hemisphere. I do wish that my garden looked lovely and tidy again but I am NOT  a dedicated gardener - and when energy levels are low it is way down on my list of important things to do. So things kind of get along by themselves and because this is SE Queensland they just grow a little bit slower in the winter, The climate here is very nice except when it gets a bit cold at night and then I have a whinge about it!!
I planted two banksia roses outside my kitchen window and they are just now starting to flower. The yellow one has fewer flowers but they are bright and beautiful. With buds like these the white flowering one should look good soon. A whole flock of sparrows came and twittered and fluttered in there close to the window but as soon as I moved to get the camera they were gone. I am not having too much luck with bird photos recently.
I planted a number of "bottle-brush" trees along the sides at the back of the yard and they always look good when they flower. Also the birds love them but unfortunately those birds are usually LBJ's (little brown jobs) that do not sit still to have photos taken.
Now this is one plant I haven't seen in those northern hemisphere gardens! In this climate when I buy a nice fresh pineapple I cut the top off it and just put it in the soil. As long as it is not disturbed it eventually grows - even when the whole patch of ground gets covered with weeds.  This pineapple is not ready yet but will eventually get a nice golden color and will smell nice and sweet! Then it is time to cut it and enjoy it.

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  1. Gorgeous shots of your garden! Our interpretations of cold are very different... LOL!

  2. Beautiful flowers and wow a pineapple too. Queensland, beautiful one day and perfect the next.

  3. We had bottle brush & what we called tombstone roses in the desert of arizona. LOVE your images very much.

  4. Hello, Mick! The roses are beautiful and I love the Bottle Brush trees. I wish they grew in my area. The pineapple is looking great! Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  5. You lucky thing. Home-grown pineapples yum. I do like to buy them but it's not always easy to tell when they are just at the peak of their juice and aromas.

  6. You grow your own pineapples!!! Oh..... there were other things I meant to say about this post but that pineapple put everything else out of my mind for a minute ))). Oh... your plants are lovely ... and I could say the exact same words about birds as you did. Lots of LBJs at our daughter's ... they won't hold still for me. And not much luck seeing anything else... it's too hot for them and for me.

  7. What lovely flowers, Mick!
    We are lucky here to also be able to grow pineapples and I use the same method as you - buy one and plant the top. Nothing like that aroma in the yard when they ripen!

    My sister is allergic to the bottle-brush blossoms and when we were kids I used to chase her and stick one under her nose. My legs hurt just thinking about how my Dad taught me that wasn't a good thing to do!

    Hope you're doing well!