Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sunshine Coast

Have you noticed that there is nothing quite perfect - and on the other side nothing absolutely unbearable? A while ago on this blog I wrote that I have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. I have a very good specialist and with treatment he has halted the progression and I have not lost any sight - BUT - the treatment is injections right into both eyes every eight weeks. Familiarity has not made this any easier. I am lucky to have a friend drive me to the specialist who is down on the Sunshine Coast - that is a couple of hours south of here. We go down on the freeway and then go right out to the coast. The first place we see the sea is at Mooloolabah. This is guaranteed to lift my spirits every time I see it. It is beautiful although not easy to get a glimpse because of retaining walls and coastal plantings. This time we found a parking space and stopped long enough for a few photos.This is the view looking north along the beach. The sea was very flat this morning.

At this spot the sand stops and the land rises quite abruptly to Alexandra Headland.
There are apartment blocks opposite the beach and as they climb up the headland they get taller and must have wondefull views over the ocean. (I can imagine the costs also going upwards!)
On the south side of the headland there is another beach and beautiful stretch of sand - I think this might be Maroochydore. (Taken through the car window - hence the extra streaks of light.) A good friend has just let me know that I've got the names of these different beach suburbs all wrong! I was afraid of that! I have muddled up Mooloolabah and Maroochydore and where they start and end. If you know this area well then just feel superior to me and pity my lack of knowledge! This was the first place my parents brought us for a beach holiday when we returned to Australia in the early '60's. It made a huge impression on me - great expanses of beach and sandhills behind! I still try to fit this modern Sunshine   Coast landscape into those early memories. As you can tell the result is a "hodgepodge"of names!
My specialist has rooms in a block with a number of other medical specialists. This land was originally very flat and rather swampy and all the waterways were enhanced and canals put through. It makes the area very attractive to have boats moored all along the canals. Don;t think to try swimming though - Bull Sharks think these canals are made especially for them!
 I didn't have the time or the patience to go looking for birds that morning so I have dug into my archives and found photos I took several years ago at Point Cartwright . There are shorebirds on the rocky headlands which we don't see around the Bay. Wandering Tattlers look quite similar to Grey-tailed Tattlers but only roost on rocky headlands. This area of the Sunshine Coast is known to have several pairs that return every season.

This is a Sooty Oystercatcher. I have occasionally seen them out at Inskip Point but they are not common out there - This is another shorebird which prefers rocky headlands.

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  1. Gorgeous beach and magnificent photography ~ thank ~ ^_^

    Wishing you a wonderful week ~ ^_^

  2. it is beautiful views, but YIKES! bless you and your injections!

  3. Interesting that while Sooty Oystercatchers are common here, somehow, the very existence of Wandering Tattlers has escaped me until now :-)

  4. I love those blues skies Mick. Right now we are beginning to lose our summery skies as we head towards winter. Sorry to hear about your MD. My wife has the beginnings but we take each day as it comes and try not to worry as there are always people worse off than ourselves.

  5. I'm glad you have a friend taking you for the injections. We have a friend here that goes through that treatment once and week. I am also glad that your eyesight has not gotten any worse. SO that's good news.

    Beautiful views....and cool share of the Sooty Oystercatcher. Looks similar to our Black Oystercatcher which are all cool birds:)

  6. This is a very beautiful place. Glad you are able to enjoy and great yo have a friend that can help you with what you need. Sending you my best wishes! #OurWorldTuesday

  7. The beach is beautiful. I'm glad they're able to slow down the progression and that you have a friend who can drive you to the treatment.

    1. Hello!:) Beautiful coastal views,... I'm only sorry that when you go there, it's for your treatment for MD, but it is a beautiful place. I have never heard of the Wandering Tattler, and I rarely see the Sooty Oystercatcher, so thank you for sharing these birds, and all the best with your treatment.:)

  8. Great shots of the beach just unlucky no birds were on the beach that day.

  9. Everything looks so bright and sunny--well named area!

  10. good to have something to lift your spirit whei going to the difficult treatment :) It IS a gorgeous place from what I can see.

    Re your question on my waxwing images. Yes the color comes from autumn leaves. :)

  11. Beautiful area ... I would know I'd love this area just by the name of course ..Sunshine Coast! (Wish I could visit there, but Florida it shall be instead). I loved your pictures and memories and the birds from before. And would imagine it helps to have something beautiful to look at to take your mind off the appointment. (I'm very glad it is working.).

  12. I empathize with your blogging schedule as mine has been thrown completely off the tracks this year! It's okay, we're both doing the best we can with life as well as blogging.
    My wife empathizes with your eye problems as she underwent surgery two years ago to alleviate her MD symptoms. She's had good results since then and we both wish you all the best as you continue your treatments.

    What a wonderful series of bright, sunny images! Almost felt like our nearby Florida coast, except for the elevation of the surrounding land.

    Would love to see your oystercatcher and tattlers!

    Take care of yourself, Mick, and don't worry about this blogging thing. We'll all wait for ya.

  13. The injects do not sound good - my toes curled when I read that bit.

    I always like to see an oystercatcher, and I am lucky enough to be able to see both types down here.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne