Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mount Cook and Surrounds

This post is for Our World Tuesday

Trip Part 2
We left the flat land of the Canterbury Plains and gradually climbed up to the rolling land of the Mackenzie Country and further in to the mountainous land around Mount Cook.
Lake Tekapo is fed with glacial water and the milky color of the water reflects the light back differently.
On the shores of the lake is a little church - the Church of the Good Shepherd - which was built to commemorate the pioneers of the Mackenzie Country.
Instead of stained glass, the altar window is clear glass a gives a beautiful view down the lake. It seemed to be a favorite stop for tourists and tour buses.
A little further on we came to Lake Pukaki ( another glacial lake) with perfect views down the lake to Mount Cook. Mount Cook is New Zealand's highest mountain - 3,754 metres or 12,316 feet.
We drove along beside Lake Pukaki to the northern end to get closer to Mount Cook ...
... and finally got as close as we could get without hiking.
We were so fortunate to have clear weather! The last time we visited here (all those years ago!) the mountains were covered with cloud and we couldn't see Mount Cook at all. I remember looking up at the looming black hill above me (on the right of the photo above) and wishing I could even catch a glimpse of the mountain through the clouds.

Next time - Recovery efforts for the Kaki (Black Stilt)


  1. Oh, this brings back memories of our visit several years ago. I remember that little church with the clouds rolling through the valley beyond.

  2. my goodness, that's pretty territory!

  3. Beautiful pictures. The lake is an extraordinary colour and the views down the lake to the mountains are beautiful, no wonder the church choose a clear window rather than stained glass; what a view!

  4. What a gorgeous place, my hubby would love the tall mountains, Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing your visit. Have a great day!

  5. Hi there - looks like you are having a great time 'over the ditch' - NZ moves up another notch on the "places to go back to" table!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  6. wow, that is a nice country. Beautiful scenery and I bet it was clear air to breathe.

  7. The little church by the water’s edge looks so peaceful from within and from without. The setting could not be more serene!

  8. Wonderful clear shots with great weather...so beautiful. I like that they put in a clear window to view the scenery.

  9. Very picturesque captures Mick - New Zealand certainly has some breathtaking scenery and is a photographer's paradise. Thanks for sharing your journey and for also taking time to visit and comment on my blog. Happy snapping!

  10. What breath-taking scenery! Oh my! These shots are just gorgeous!