Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rufous Whistler

I saw this Rufous Whistler (Pachycephala rufiventris) while visiting friends the other day. This is a male - the female is not colored so brightly. She is another one of those brownish birds that are so hard to ID!. It is not a big bird - only 17cms or about 7 inches in length.
I didn't see any of the common birds that I see in my own yard while I was around at my friends' place. They don't live very far away but the environment around their house is quite different. There are lots of large old trees and some dense low plantings that run down to the wet area at the bottom of their property. Possibly the most important difference is that there are no dogs, cats or children near-by!
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  1. he's beautiful. love the buff color.

  2. G'day Mick,
    The rufous has just about got the nicest song of all the bush birds. We know its spring down south here when we hear our first rufous song.

  3. Great photos I still have the Pale-headed Rosella around here. Looks like you might have to come here for a visit.

  4. Hi Gouldiae, I don't even know its song yet. That's another thing I have to learn!

    Hi Neil, sounds good because I definitely need a photo of that one.

  5. A couple of real nice sharp pictures you got there Mick. Shame about the dogs, cats and kids and i think we could do without at least two of them over here too.

  6. Lovely images, Mick.
    I never see the Rufous in Robertson, but do get the Golden Whistler.
    The Rufous seems to need open Eucalypt country.
    As Gouldiae has siad, this guy has a lovely call.

  7. Thanks for commenting, Phil. I've been really impressed with the numbers and variety of birds in gardens without dogs and cats.

    Hi Denis, I have friends up this way that say they see the Golden Whistler so that's another one for me to find. re the calls - I had a look and listen to the Morecombe phone app the other day and was impressed with it. However, I would have to upgrade my phone - not something I need or want to do!

  8. This is a bird I would liek to say "hi" to. :) Looks great.

  9. I'm impressed Mick. Really nice captures.