Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spring Already

When I went for a walk in the bush the other day I realized that all the early spring flowers were out already. This is a few weeks earlier than I remember them from other years.
Of course with flowers blossoming there were birds all around us. I could hear them but it was not so easy to see them as the paperbark trees were also blossoming and the birds were mainly up there. The only one I got anywhere near enough to photograph was this Brown Honeyeater which seemed to be catching small insects rather than just taking nectar.
Before I saw the flowers I smelt the perfume from them. Then I saw that Leucopogon pimeleoides was flowering all through the bush. I love the perfume of this flower. It is quite a delicate perfume but when there are numbers of plants flowering it scents the bush all around.
There were two kinds of Hakea in flower. - Hakea plurinervia
and Hakea actites.
Pultenaea villosa brightened the bush around it with its bright yellow flowers.
There were numbers of other smaller flowers not quite so easy to see. This Boronia rosmarinifolia looked as if it was just starting to flower as there were more buds than flowers.
There should be more of these Patersonia sericea later in the season or when there is a little more rain. At present it is very dry and I have seen more of these flowers in places where the soil is damper.
For those readers not used to this sub-tropical climate, our wildflowers bloom mainly in late winter and early spring. Summer is just too hot for most of these delicate flowers to survive.
I am not an expert with bush flowers so if I have made mistakes in naming any I would appreciate correction!

For more bird photos visit the Bird Photography Weekly.


  1. That is a very beautiful series of photos Mick.

  2. something is wrong! Your spring too early. For me I feel like it is already autumn and we did not even finish July. Some birds are already going south and I think they just arrived. :(

    I can see from you shots it was hard to see birds. :)

  3. HI NatureFootstep, I think it is a very early spring. I have a little spring flowering rose in my garden and it is coming into bloom also. It will be interesting to see when our shorebirds arrive back here this spring.

  4. I swear I could almost smell those flowers from your description Mick and it's good to know that the aromas are as important as the look for you.By the way all the UK bird ringing records are fed into a giant database - 1,000,000 birds each year, and results fed back to each ringer through publications and reports -

    I'm sure there is something similar in Australia - join in

  5. Hi Phil, Thanks for including that web-site. It is huge and looks fascinating. I have book-marked it for future reference.

  6. Beautiful flora and Brown Honeyeater. Fabulous capture Mick!

  7. Hi Mick
    I have been so busy recently I am afraid I missed your "Spring" post. Shame on me.
    I will link it via my Blog.

    PS Your recent Gannet shots are remarkable. Seldom see them photographed siting on the water like that. Usually just white dots on the horizon plunging into the water.