Monday, December 20, 2010


I posted photos of White-throated Honeyeaters on December 8. In between all the rain we have been having they have been back to my garden several times. When I photographed them again I realized there were several juveniles. Instead of a black cap the juveniles have brown caps which change gradually into the black of the adults. The next day they were back and several with the usual black caps sat up in the trees and preened while I came close and took their photos.
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An update on the weather! We have had some really spectacular thunderstorms nearly every night and although I turn off the computer and unplug everything before the storms get close I got caught with a brief power failure when the storm was still a long way off. It messed up my modem and I have been off-line for a couple of days! Long-time Queensland residents tell me this is a real old-time "wet season"! There was another 85mm of rain yesterday (nearly 3 1/2 inches on the old scale) and part of the road in to Gympie was closed because of a creek that had flooded.


  1. the head-on shot in the first photo--another bird I've never seen. Stay safe in all the storms!

  2. What with your wet stormy weather and our icy snowy weather it makes me wonder if anyone has an enjoyable climate at the moment.

    Lovely photos. I wish more birds would wait patiently while we get closer to photograph them.

  3. Thanks Kelly - I stay well out of the weather but I sure hope it dries up a bit before Christmas.

    Hi John, yes I have been reading about all the snow over your way. Several International flights to Australia were not able to get out of the London airport.

  4. Honey eaters? We should be so lucky Kylie. We just get snow and ice and even your thunderstorms might be preferable. Nice colourful birds Mick, keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Phil, yes I think our storms and rain are preferable to snow. Plus the rain doesn't seem to slow the birds down at all. Quite a few have young ones with them.

  6. awesome shots! The one with two of them is my favorite, what a neat composition!

  7. it is so great when they stay put so you can take a few shots. :)

    These are very good. And to see both young and adult are a bonus.

  8. Great comparison shots of the Juvie and adult White-throated Honeyeaters Mick. Not only can you see the brown heads but the creamy yellow gape on the juvenile bird in the first shot. Very nice.

  9. I wouldn't mind some rain myself, ... sigh ;-)

    Those Juvs are beautiful!
    I love it that they are so totally oblivious to you :)

    We actually do (Kuwait) nice and crisp in the morning, not too hot in the day and Best of all: no dust.
    Could stay like that all year (wishful thinking,...)

  10. are you travelling? Missing you.

    Happy new year!