Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kayaking on a Grey Day

I went for a kayak along to Seary's Creek this morning with a friend. Seary's Creek is one of the creeks that come out of the sand in the Great Sandy National Park. The tide was right but the weather could have been lots better. It wasn't cold but the clouds were hanging around and got heavier as the morning went on. We put the kayaks in at Crab Creek and then paddled along the southern side of the bay and crossed over to the other side close to where the big power lines cross the bay. This photo is looking west along the bay towards Tin Can Bay
We got out of the kayaks as soon as we reached the other side as there is an interesting piece of saltmarsh there. When we stepped out onto the sandbank there were recent dog footprints in the sand. This is a long way from any houses so it might have been a wild dog or more likely a dingo. There were several interesting mangrove trees growing close to the edge of the water. They looked quite normal on the bottom part but the top portion of growth and leaves were quite different. The leaves were much smaller and a slightly different color. I wonder if some pollution in the water might have done this?
Usually there are quite large numbers of Whimbrels in the mangroves where the creek runs into the bay but we didn't see any at all this morning. However, we did see 23 Grey-tailed Tattlers and a couple of Little Egrets which made noises which sounded as if they were objecting to us invading their space.
We kayaked right up to where there is a bridge crossing the creek. Even on a dark and dingy morning like this morning it is a beautiful place.
I enjoyed the trip along the bay - BUT - next time I will do this kayak later in the summer when I have had a chance to get rid of some of the winter stiffness! I measured the distance on Google Earth and it was a round trip of 9 Kms. - a little much for right now.


  1. Hi Mick may I suggest something with a motor next time. But I know how much you like to kayak. Great photos.

  2. Hi Neil, motors cost money and so does petrol!!

  3. Love the new look of your site Mick!

  4. Thanks for your comment about the site. All it needed was a few suggestions from helpful blogger friends! Thanks!!

  5. Hi Mick
    Loved the last image of reflections. Beautiful.
    No motor would allow such stillness.

  6. Hi Denis, reflections were beautiful but the sandflies were horrendous!