Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am hoping some of my more knowledgeable blogger colleagues may be able to supply a name for this fungi. I saw it as I was walking along a bush track and at first sight thought it was a flower. It's rather beautiful I think.The weather continues to be very windy with rain and showers every day. Today is the 18th day since we've had a totally fine day. I've tried to go out and watch the birds and take some photos on a few days but have always ended up clutching my camera under my coat and scurrying back to the car. This was Inskip Point just before another heavy shower came through.The sea has been very rough and unfortunately someone was caught in a rip close to here just the other day. These boys were swimming right below the surf patrol at Rainbow Beach so they should be safe - but it's certainly not my idea of a pleasant swim in the sea!


  1. I can't help with the fungi ID Mick but its a delightful photo - I love the contrast between the old fruiting spike of the Banksia and the opportunistic orange fungi.
    You're experiencing some wild weather - we had some of that for a few days but this morning is fine and sunny.

  2. The water looks a lot cleaner than in the bay.Great photos.

  3. Hi Barbara, surprising where these things grow. Right in a track seems a strange place but maybe it's been too wet for the tourists to walk along there. I hear your weather could get very much worse if any of those cyclones come closer - hope not!
    Thanks Neil - cleaner but rougher I reckon!

  4. Sorry Mick
    Cannot name the Fungus for you.
    I am busy building (repairing) my house,and little time for blogging, unfortunately.
    There are some fungi which grow only on Banksias, but I suspect this is on the ground, under the old Banksia Cone.
    Possibly, just possibly a Mycena, but that is not much help as they are a vast tribe.
    Lovely colour, though.
    PS Loved your "fat" Godwits. I would not have believed it, except for reading about their long voyages, previously, so I know they have to stack on the weight, and then they lose most of it in a single flight.

  5. Hi Denis, thanks for the suggestion about the name for the fungus. It's like nothing I had ever seen before. I hope your house building/repairing is going well. From my experience it's never easy! Maybe you could give us all a blogging tour when you get finished!

  6. Hi Mick
    Well I do have photos, as I am recording progress, for my brother's work record.
    Didn't think anyone would want to see, but maybe...

  7. I would think that there would be quite a number who have been involved in such projects (including me!) - and that makes it interesting to see what others are have done.