Friday, April 17, 2009


Part of the fun of birding is that one never knows exactly what to expect. This morning I went for a walk at low tide expecting to see shorebirds out feeding on the exposed sand banks - and there were none! Instead I saw and photographed a bird that has been impossible to photograph until now - a Grey Fantail. These birds are quite common - so what have I done wrong? This morning one came and sat and looked at me - and even spent a while preening - so I guess finally it was just the right time and the right place. Of course next time it would be nice to get photos without dappled shade on the bird!
Just to make the morning even better a Brown Honeyeater sat on a top branch in clear view long enough for me to get photos.
Another 'unexpected' morning - soon - would be great!


  1. Always the same - see a bird you want to photograph and its inbuilt photographer detector tells it to stay in the shade.
    Nice capture of the Brown Honeyeater.

  2. Hi John, it was definitely that way with the Fantail. Lots of patience needed!

  3. More lovely birds from your part of the world. I haven't heard of a Grey Fantail - it's very pretty.

    Well done on "capturing" the bird you wanted :D

  4. Thanks Tricia. Its always so interesting to compare 'mine' with the ones you see.